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Brew Your Own Beer Starter Kit with Red Mountain Amber Ale - 2-Gallons

Brew Your Own Beer Starter Kit with Red Mountain Amber Ale - 2-Gallons

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Brew Your Own Beer Starter Kit with Red Mountain Amber - 2-Gallons

In 1993, I walked into a tiny local liquor store and bought their Beer Making Starter Kit. It didn't include much really, but I was hooked anyway. Nine years later, I quit my day job and bought a brew shop. I've been brewing, and helping others to brew ever since. Over the years I've learned a lot about what works, and doesn't work for new homebrewers and I've put that experience into these Starter and Ingredient Kits.

2-Gallon Batch Size

I'm in love with the 2-gallon batch and think it's the Goldylocks of homebrewing... not too big and not too small. 5-gallon kits are most common, but 5 gallons of beer weighs about 50 pounds, requires a large pot to brew and a big bucket to ferment. 1-gallon kits are popular now, especially on Amazon, but that's less than a 12-pack of beer for the hours you'll put into making it. 2 gallons on the other hand is almost a case of beer and can be brewed in the 8-quart pot you probably already own.

Includes the Equipment You Need

3.5-Gallon Fermenting Bucket with Airlock
Auto-Siphon, tubing and Bottle Filler
Floating Thermometer
Heavy-duty Bottle Capper
2-Gallon Red Mountain Amber Kit with Caps

Real Brewing

This Starter kit comes with a Red Mountain Amber Ingredient kit. To make it, you'll steep specialty grains, boil malt extract with water, add hops, cool, add yeast and ferment. After a week it'll be time to bottle and cap. I recommend reusing empty beer bottles that used to hold your favorite beer.

My Guarantee
I think my 2-Gallon Beer Brewing Kit is the best way to start making your own delicious beer at home. I'm so sure you'll be happy with it that I offer an unconditional manufacturer guarantee.

If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, I'll be happy to replace or refund your order. Just scroll up and click add to cart to start your own brewing adventure today.