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Our Story

Who's Woodcock?

My name is Scott Woodcock. I bought my first Beer Making Starter kit in 1993 and pretty much immediately fell in love with the process of brewing. Homebrewing is a cool combination of cooking and science, but best of all when you're done you've got a bunch of beer that you can drink and share with your friends and family. What could be better?

My Own Homebrew Shop

Brewing turned into kind of an obsession with me and I eventually quit my real job and bought a brew shop. Over the years at my shop I, along with the awesome people who worked with me, helped thousands of people to start brewing. The experience I had working with all those new brewers led me to producing these Beer Ingredient Kits.

Why 2-Gallons?

Brewing the standard 5-gallon batch of beer can be kind of a hassle. It's heavy and awkward to move, requires a big pot and produces a lot of one kind of beer. 1-gallon kits are available, but they only make 10 beers and take as long to produce as a bigger batch. To me, the 2-gallon batch is kind of Goldilocks sized, not too big or small, it makes almost a case of beer, but only needs an 8-quart pot and is easily moved without straining your back.

Why Dry Malt?

Most beer kits are made with liquid malt extract, and liquid malt is great, as long as it's fresh and isn't exposed to heat for a prolonged amount of time. Heat and age cause liquid malt extract to darken and pick up off flavors. Dry malt is a little bit more expensive, but it doesn't have the problems liquid malt does. Dry malt is stable, predictable and allows homebrewers to produce consistently excellent extract beers.